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Global Climate Connect – a not-for-profit organisation based in Canada and poised to promoting
climate literacy for climate actions and sustainable development across the globe.
A world of global action against climate change.
Democratising climate literacy to democratise climate actions among all global citizens.
 To spread climate actions like the gospel across all nooks and crannies of the globe.
 To promote climate literacy through provision of climate education to global populace
 To strengthen the capacity and capability of global stakeholders toward taking actions for
the climate.
 To promote sustainable development, nature-based solutions and climate justice in the
fight against climate change.
The Nexus of Climate Literacy and Climate Action
Global Climate Connect (GCC), in its bid to resolve the climate crises, is determined to spread climate
actions like the gospel as they are grossly inadequate. Development studies show that lack of
understanding climate change is responsible for it. Thus, GCC is stepping in to bridge the widening
gap by democratising climate change understanding to democratise climate actions.
In view of this, the Director of GCC, Surveyor Efik, authored some books known as The Sky Cries, Just
One Tree and Climate Pledge, which provide non-scientific, non-technical and non-professional
understanding of climate change through poetry and illustrations. It is what one knows that inspires
or propels one into taking action. Therefore, the books serve as entry point for engaging and
inspiring readers (and by extension global citizens) into taking actions for the climate in the following
simplified stages:

  1. Sign the Climate Pledge for planting just one lifetime tree for the climate and obtain a
    climate pledge certificate. (The climate pledge signing page is embedded in the books).
  2. Take picture and make video of planting the tree in your locality and declaring the Climate
    Pledge. Then, upload them on the GCC website, with name and contact details.
  3. GCC will document all actions in the conventional and social media for the purpose of
    democratizing climate actions.
  4. GCC will engage all actors in free online climate education for climate literacy and more
    sustainable climate actions.

I hereby make my Climate Pledge today.
To plant Just One Tree in my lifetime.
To ensure The Sky Cries no more of
Carbon suffocation on our planet earth

The books are collections of climate poems woven in plain and simple English expressions that will
enable a layman to read and understand without needing a dictionary, interpreter or Shakespearean

expert. They seek to demystify the climate change phenomenon by providing non-scientific
knowledge and non-technical understanding to non-professional stakeholders using literary and
visual arts – poetry and illustration, respectively. They also aimed at enhancing the responsive
capacity and capability of both the “professional” and “non-professional” populace through
inspiring, impacting and instigating them to act for the climate. They are, indeed, climate
educational materials that would enhance climate literacy and climate actions of global citizens.
The Sky Cries focuses on understanding climate change impacts through poetry; Just One Tree,
focuses on connecting nature and climate change through poetry and Climate Pledge, focuses on
inspiring climate actions through poetry. They are not just conventional buy-and-read types but an
incentivized concept of Buy, Read and Act (BRA) for the climate. This means you buy, read and get
involved in climate-solution actions to resolve the climate crisis. The actions include planting just one
tree, obtaining a climate pledge certificate after signing the climate pledge coupon embedded in
each book, and getting free online climate education to further enhance capacity for more
sustainable climate actions as well as social/conventional media profiling of your actions.
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